4 Reasons to Choose Alcuin School

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1. A sense of community. Alcuin School provides a small, safe and supportive environment in order to meet the special emotional, social, cognitive and physical needs of young children. Close communication between parents and school, multi-year attendance and small school size help bond children, parents and school.

2. Individual attention to emotional and social development. A mixed-age group and explicit instruction in social skills provide maximum opportunities for developing social skills, while the small class size allows the teacher to provide the emotional support and individualized attention needed by young children.

3. A focus on optimal learning opportunities. A fully trained and experienced teacher implements a broad curriculum including science, social studies, art, drama, dance, music, math, oral language, literacy and literary appreciation, taking advantage of both structured and play activities. The Alcuin School prekindergarten program offers exceptional preparation for kindergarten.

4. Parent involvement. Weekly news notices, photos, videos and parent conferences keep you up-to-date on your child’s activities and progress and explain the what, how and why of the children's education. Meaningful parent involvement offers parents the opportunity to observe and participate in the children’s activities, go on field trips and lead activities at school that reflect family interests and heritage.

"Alcuin is an outstanding preschool. My son has thrived there both academically and socially."