School Program

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Alcuin School serves ages 2 1/2 to 5, focusing on creating a secure and happy first experience at school, while preparing children for success in kindergarten.

The Alcuin School curriculum offers art, music, dance, drama, science, math, language arts and social studies. In addition, the prekindergarten program offers exceptional preparation for a child's entry into kindergarten, with an introduction to reading and writing literacy and early math. Extracurricular activities include creative dance and drama lessons, as well as PE at the Queen Anne Community Center Gym.

Learning opportunities are not limited to cognitive or physical development. Practical life skills include a broad range of learning opportunities, such as the development of listening skills, fine motor skills and safety and hygiene practices. Children are taught social skills, with a focus on the development of problem-solving strategies, and individualized guidance is provided for each child's individual emotional and social needs.

The summer camp program balances active outdoor play with quiet indoor activities and planned activities with free play. Activities include story time and literary appreciation, arts and crafts, drawing, music, drama, dance, games, gym activities, sandbox activities and water play. Older children participate in school-readiness activities that promote reading, writing, early math, listening skills, cooperation and fine motor skills during the first hour.

Please ask for a copy of the Education Plan for more detailed information about our schedule and activities. Email us for information regarding summer camp dates this summer.

"(Chris) really 'gets' kids and does an amazing job of engaging them with fun group activities."